Our Mission

The purpose of Appalachian State University's Black Faculty and Staff Association (BFSA) shall be to promote a sense of community, professional welfare and development among Black faculty, staff, and students.

This purpose shall be reflected in programmatic efforts to:

  1. Address quality of life issues specific to Black faculty, staff, and students;
  2. Promote the development of leadership skills;
  3. Facilitate professional welfare and development;
  4. Stimulate a sense of social responsibility and improve communication;
  5. Promote scholarship and cooperative research among Black faculty, staff, and students.

Vision Statement

To empower ourselves and those who are around us to leave Appalachian better than the way they found it.

bfsa group photo

We Stand With Our Students

To the students of Appalachian: The Black Faculty and Staff Association stands with you. While we honor and value each individual's First Amendment right, we do not condone words that incite hate or inspire fear. We reject any suggestion that Privilege is not real. We reject any suggestion that the color of your skin makes you a thug or mentally incapable. We reject any suggestion that perceived immigration status or nationality makes you a criminal. We reject any suggestion that your sexual orientation, or gender identity and expression should be defined by societal expectations. We reject any suggestion that "E pluribus unum" and "multiculturalism" are mutually exclusive. WE STAND WITH YOU.

We share the same sense of shock, hurt, disbelief, and sadness at the violent, public, almost weekly slayings of black and brown bodies. Yet, we will not bow our heads—and neither should you. We acknowledge that our justice system is unjust and must be fixed. We echo the words of Jesse Williams, "A system built to divide, impoverish, and destroy us cannot stand if we do." And, students, WE STAND WITH YOU.

We understand that many are frightened, feel unheard, and are tired of the many injustices witnessed every day. Know that the Black Faculty and Staff Association is committed to uplifting, supporting, and protecting our black and brown community. When we see you in the hallways, on the sidewalks, in the classrooms, in the residence halls, or on the street, allow us to reach out to you; allow us to encourage you; and, allow us to remind you that you are valued, you are worthy, and you are capable. WE STAND WITH YOU.

You are the solution. We encourage you to use the University's processes by reporting bias incidents and filing complaints through the Office of Student Conduct, and directly to senior administration. Let your voices be heard. Define and shape University, state, and national policies through informed voting. APPALACHIAN STUDENTS, WE STAND WITH YOU!